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Rich shall not allow poor to turn rich

It is an accepted thing that some are rich because they had been snatching away something from the people who are poor now and this system is still on and it must be accepted that the rich would not allow the poor to turn rich. The rich people need a large number of people to serve upon them and only poor people can be engaged for service and the rich shall not be available to serve the rich. The rich can show to the world that they are rich and fantastic only when there are a large number of poor people around them. Only the poor people are worried of the rich and only the poor are the people who serve upon the rich and respect them.

The rich people are engaging the poor to serve them and they pay them wages which are permanently on the lower side and the poor are never allowed to bring their earnings at par with the rising prices. The rich are maintaining fee level at such a stage where the poor shall not be able to buy all the necessities of life with that income. We have seen that even in democracies where the principles agreed in the constitutions are telling the poor that they too are equal citizens, but all these entries are paper transactions and nothing more. No proper steps are taken so that the poor may also grow and become rich.

Even the states themselves are supporting the rich and the powerful and they are maintaining the poor people at the level where they are and at no stage these states are in a rush to turn the poor rich. We have seen in India that the poor people who were having some hopes in the year 1947 are now frustrated because even in these six decades, they are still there where they were at the time of attaining independence. The people of India believe that one set of rulers had gone and another set of people have taken charge and they are behaving with the common people in the same way where the British had left them.

Time has come when the poor people shall have to come together and they shall have to choose their own fate. They shall get freedom from these sets of rich people and they shall see that they are having their share in the national economy. Even God has got no time to look after the poor. The poor shall have to take the reign in their own hands and they shall have to make it sure that none is allowed to take their share in the national economy. They shall have to catch all those who are educational themselves through scams, scandals, muddles, bribes, corruption and taking commissions or by selling government offices. The properties and assets so collected shall have to be hasty away from these corrupt people and shall have to be confiscated to the state exchequer where those assets and money shall be utilized for the welfare of the people who had earned these assets and properties. The rich and powerful people are permanently small in number and the common people who are sufferers are permanently on the higher side and therefore, they must utilize their number power in elections and must win and must rule the country and see that our economic resources are utilized for the welfare of the people and the state should not be allowed to help only the rich and the powerful.

The present set of rich people shall not allow the poor to stand face to face with them and therefore, the poor shall have to take an initiative themselves and shall have to go ahead and shall have to see that their brothers are getting their proper share in the national income. The present distribution system is not excellent and it should be corrected. Why a rich is becoming more rich and why a poor person is being reduced to more poverty. This is a question which is written on the wall and we are just looking at this question. None of us is coming forward to answer this question in a right manner. In the present state of affairs all those who are ruling us are really called public servants and servants should not be allowed to turn more rich and more powerful. Such a state of affairs is bankruptcy with the people and they are still slaves. In democracies, they should try to become masters and masters should not be poor and weak. Masters must have control over their servants and their work and conduct must be supervised properly.


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